The Lever Fund is a philanthropic fund based in Washington, DC, that breaks the cycle of poverty in the Greater Washington Region for the nearly half a million people living in poverty. 

Launched by a group of entrepreneurs, political and nonprofit veterans, we have a powerful mission to raise more poverty-fighting dollars and engage entrepreneurs and others who are new to philanthropy as we invest in a smarter, data-driven way in high-performing nonprofits that deliver results.

Through our Jobs of Tomorrow campaign, we have raised nearly $200,000 to give workers the essential skills they need to succeed in an ever changing world. 

We do things differently.

At The Lever Fund, we apply sound metrics, emphasize genuine impact, and are committed to producing solid returns on investment with the goal of moving people from poverty to opportunitywhile keeping investors informed every step of the way.

We are part of a national family of successful poverty-fighting organizations including the Robin Hood Foundation (New York City, NY), A Better Chicago (Chicago, IL), Tipping Point (San Francisco, CA), Constellation Fund (Minneapolis, MN) and Slingshot Memphis (Memphis, TN).