Apr 04, 2017

Helping families move from poverty to opportunity, improving the talent pipeline for our region’s economy

We're proud to announce an initiative to support high-performing nonprofits that prepare low-income students and adults for 21st-century employment. Our goal for Jobs of Tomorrow: investing a half million dollars in high-performing organizations in D.C., suburban Maryland, and northern Virginia that equip low-income people in our region with the skills to secure jobs with a future.

Please support the Lever Fund's Jobs of Tomorrow campaign today.

The organizations we invest in provide critical skills for technology and green jobs that represent the most promising pathway out of poverty. To kick off Jobs for Tomorrow, the Lever Fund just made a grant to BUILD DC’s pilot at Friendship Tech Prep Charter School in Washington DC’s Ward 8. (Read about the investment here.) This program teaches 8th and 9th grade students how to become modern-day entrepreneurs by launching and marketing web and mobile apps, games, and other digital-based businesses.

For the duration of this campaign, 100% of donor contributions will flow directly to the organizations we select as worthy of investment, based on sound metrics developed by New York City’s Robin Hood Foundation. We monitor the performance and assess the impact of our investments to the satisfaction of our board members. And because a Lever Fund investor is an informed investor, we publish rigorous cost-benefit analyses.