What We Know

  • Nearly half a million residents in the Washington, DC region live in poverty
  • In DC alone, 1:4 people and 1:6 children live in poverty

What is Also True

  • No East Coast metro area has a more affluent population
  • The DC Metro region is¬†experiencing a 40-plus-year economic boom

Poverty is Complicated

  • Common life events, like ending a relationship, losing a job or having a child are associated with an increased likelihood of falling into poverty, especially for those with few assets and lower levels of formal education.¬†
  • We can't talk about poverty without talking about race and ethnicity. Poverty rates are considerably lower for white people than for people of other races and ethnicities.
  • Poverty is intergenerational. People who were poor for at least one year out of ten during childhood are more than twice as likely to experience poverty in their 30s than people who were never poor during childhood.