Thank You for Fighting Poverty Right Here

The following people and companies have made significant contributions to the Lever Fund.


James R. Beers

Andrew Bleeker

Lisa Bontempo and William Pierce

Patrice Brickman

Connie K. N. Chang and Nathaniel Pearlman

Bill and Donna Eacho

Colin and Stacy Eagen

Charlotte Fallon and Robert Luskin

James Grant


Jennie Guilfoyle and Mark Swartz

Ann Marie Habershaw

Jeff Hamond and Mauri Ziff

Lisa and James Hunt

Gary Jonas

Maura O. Kahn

Tim and Carolyn Lee

Tim and Jennifer Lim

Christopher Massicotte

Matt and Sally McShea

John Monahan


Jeannette O'Connor and Al Quinlan

H. W. Radin

Vibha Sazawal and Vijay Ravindran

Devin Schain

Rob Stewart

Yanev Suissa

Robert Swartz

Michael Swartz

Anonymous (x 10)