The Lever Fund

The Lever Fund was formed in 2014 to leverage the significant resources and talent of our region and is investing in programs that equip our neighbors with the resources to learn and earn their way to a better life.

Photo by: Mark Isaac and Gabriela Bulisova

The Latest News From The Lever Fund

Inaugural Board of Directors Announced

Washington, D.C. – The Lever Fund announced today the selection of Gregory M. (Greg) Cork as its first Executive Director. The Lever Fund, a progressive grantmaking organization, was formed to fight poverty in the Washington area (also known as the DMV). A veteran of the nonprofit sector, Greg brings extensive experience and proven management skills to his new post.

Modeled after the wildly successful Robin Hood Foundation in New York City, the Lever Fund finds, funds, and partners with poverty-fighting organizations throughout the DMV. This model is grounded in a simple formula of key metrics that helps the Lever Fund identify the programs that net the biggest return – measured largely in terms of a low-income person’s boost in lifetime earnings and other indices of progress – and has been successfully replicated in Chicago and San Francisco.

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