Per Scholas National Capital Region

Provide employment training, placement and job retention services focused on technology occupations.

Offer an IT support program covering subjects from operating systems and mobile devices to firewalls and the cloud. Students are prepared for Comp TIA A+ certification and entry into the IT field as an entry-level technician. Interview skills and customer service training are critical topics covered in the curriculum.

With a 20+ year track record, Per Scholas has built a data-driven culture that rigorously tracks enrollments, graduations, certifications and placements as well as hourly wages. 

At A Glance

Total Earnings Boost
Total Lever Fund Benefit: $528,000
Benefit-Cost Ratio: 17:1

4 Students - $20,000

PROJECTION: The Lever Fund's $20,000 grant will sponsor 4 students into Per Scholas' 15-week IT Support Course. This program will provide each student with 2 credentials: CompTIA A+ and Network+.

Placement Boost

Per Scholas long-term data shows a 77-99% placement rate for participants in the program. In order to be conservative in our projections we assume a 50% placement rate (2 of the 4 participants we sponsor).

Wage Boost

For the 2 participants we project will complete the program and be placed, the expected wage increase would be an additional $23,000 income annually for 10 years, or $460,000 for both participants over the following 10 years.

At A Glance

4 Students: $20,000 Projection

Per Scholas’ 15 Week IT Support Course

2 Credentials:
CompTIA A+ and Network+

The Lever Fund Impact

Placement Boost

77-99% Placement Rate for Participants in Program

Assumed Placement 50% (2 of the 4 Students we Sponsor)

Wage Boost

2 Participants Complete the Program

Expected Wage Increase $23,000 Income Annually

10 years

Total Earnings Boost

Total Lever Fund Benefit $460,000

Benefit Cost Ratio 23:1

National Leadership | Local Talent | Data-Centric

Per Scholas has been led nationally by Plinio Ayala since 2003. In New York City, the program has consistently received support from the Robin Hood Foundation, as well as Bloomberg, AT&T, Google and Citi. In the DMV area, Per Scholas is led by Melissa Stallings, formerly Manager of Workforce Development at Goodwill of Greater Washington. Both Capital One Foundation and the Meyer Foundation have been consistent supporters of the local efforts. The Silver Spring, MD office was opened in 2014, which is 1 of 6 offices nationally. The program is focused on helping participants elevate their career track, with significant opportunities for promotions and pay raises. Per Scholas rigorously tracks enrollments, graduation/completion rate, certification, placement, and average hourly initial placement wage.