Who We Are

Lever Fund is a philanthropic non-profit focused on making the National Capital Region economically just by pooling and investing donor funds in programs that propel youth from low-income families toward their first well-paying job.

Forward-thinking ideas and sound investments are key components of what we do, but who we are is what sets Lever Fund apart. We are people who’ve come together from diverse backgrounds, with wide-ranging talents and interests, to do something others believed impossible. We’re breaking the generational chains of poverty by preparing young people for success in the workforce. We’re expanding the possible.

What We Do

Landing that first employment with regular pay and benefits is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty. Lever Fund invests in and partners with a network of organizations that expose 14 to 21 year olds to real life work situations through internships, training, and networking events. For donors, we offer the convenience and satisfaction of investing in an array of local high-performing nonprofits, with specialized portfolio options that allow you to support the endeavors closest to your heart. We leverage your contribution by pooling it with others, and 100% of your money goes directly towards organizations that make a difference on the ground.

Our Purpose

Making the National Capital Region economically just for all.

Our Mission

Propelling youth from low-income families in the National Capital Region toward their first, well-paying job by leveraging donor funds for maximum impact through our expertise.

Our Vision

Expanding the possible.

Our Values

Focus. We believe in being intentional about where we direct investments, regardless of the pull of trend or topic. We are convinced that by focusing on one area of intervention at a time, we can move the dial more meaningfully than by tending to a number of causes.

Personal dignity. We support programs and initiatives that treat the youth we empower as whole people, and respect their independence, aspirations, creativity and capacity. Our support gives young people the chance to control their destiny and take responsibility for their own actions.

Driving fundamental change. Our mission of propelling youth from low-income families toward their first, well-paying job is aimed at solving the problem of poverty on a fundamental level by addressing one of its root causes. Using data and tested knowledge helps us and our partners base our decisions on evidence to make informed choices.

Mutual respect. We listen so that we can learn and grow in our approaches. We partner with non-traditional allies who help us see from new perspectives. We ensure that the solutions we support are formed in partnership with the communities affected.

Risk taking and innovation. We are willing to experiment and place bets on new solutions. If existing solutions were all that were required, the problem of poverty would have already been resolved.