Dereck's Green Ambitions

We met with Dereck the day after he took the certification exam for the National Green Infrastructure Program. He was feeling pretty confident.



Section Heading

Here’s what he told us: “My first jobs were security at Six Flags and behind the counter at KFC. Those were all right, but now I’m looking down the road a little further. I want to make my 84-year-old grandmother proud.

Thanks to the Lever Fund’s investment in Washington Parks & People's Green Corps, I could get a green job, maybe at a construction site. The pay is a lot higher, there’s a better chance of promotions, and it lets me contribute to infrastructure that will last. When I first saw that big pile of books, I wondered if I could get to know all that stuff, but I could and I do! I’ve learned all about trees, different species of plants, and the environment.

“Everything’s coming to fruition.”