Impact Report: Family Services, Inc.

Family Services Inc.’s Keys to Success Program helps teen mothers (who are still in school) and their young children, who participate in the Early Head Start program that focuses on achieving positive maternal and child health outcomes and promoting school readiness. Read the original analysis for our $25,000 investment in May 2016. Our investment partly supported the construction of the new Keys to Success Learning Lab.


The Moms

Of the 18 high school students supported by this program, 15 participated—and completed—the tutoring program.

Of the five Seniors, four graduated (the other experienced homelessness and came up short on credits but is expected to graduate in December 2017). Of these, three plan to continue in school

One will attend Montgomery College

One will attend a Certified Nursing Assistant training program

One will attend Cosmetology training program

Through a new partnership with Montgomery College’s Educational Opportunity Center, three Montgomery College students (Keys to Success alumni) received additional support through the partnership. Rising high school seniors were also offered support to complete applications for admission and financial aid.

The Children

For the infants and toddlers of teen parents in the Discovery Station Child Development Center, all target developmental goals have been met.

96% are up to date on immunizations

100% of 0-3 year olds meet or exceed widely held expectations for approaches to learning

100% of 2 year olds with teen parents meet or exceed widely held expectations for socio-emotional development

100% of 0-3 year olds meet or exceed widely held expectations for language development

In February, we met Lesly, a high school junior who lives with her mom, stepfather, three sisters, and three-year-old son Juan, who takes part in FSI's Early Head Start program. She takes the bus to FSI every day after school, and attends tutoring twice a week. Although she's supposed to receive math tutoring, her friends say she usually does quite a bit of tutoring herself. Lesly recently earned her Certified Nursing Assistant license and plans to use this certificate to work weekends at an assisted living home and continue her nursing education at Montgomery College when she finishes high school in 2018.